Tool of the Trade

Last post was about learning to listen.  The time spent between that post and this post has been spent doing just that—learning to listen.

EARS TO THE SPEAKERS, so to speak.

I bought a program called Ozone that offers both preset and manual mastering.  I know that for the hard-assed mastering professionals that this is the absolute worst choice I could have made, and that if I was serious about my music, I would pay the thousands of bucks they want to charge me, and get it done right.  Oh well…

It is not easy doing your own mixing or mastering.  I’d listen to the way it came over the monitoring speakers as I was mixing each track–over and over until I thought I had a mix that worked.  Then I would take the song into the house and listen to it on my house system.  I would do that over and over as well.

There is a place where I heard enough.  At that point I had listened to it on my $30 CD player, a pair of cheap ear phones, my home system, my huge PA speakers, a standard studio monitor speaker system.  There is a point where if you work with it any more it gets worse.

I had actually already reached that point a couple of weeks prior.  I loved how it sounded in my studio and on my car stereo.  So I took the “finished” CD into the house to listen to it and by the time I was half-way through it, I was ready to do murder.  Jeeze, there was a high-pitched jangling sound that, after a few cuts, was just crazy-making.  I went back and discovered it was a preset that had reverb in it.  I also discovered that if I wanted reverb, I could put it into the tracks from Sonar and it was fine, but from Ozone, and bluck!  Lesson learned!

Next on the learning curve highway, was getting it onto CD Baby.  WOW, what a trip!  I think my next post will be about that ordeal.


2 thoughts on “WORKING, WORKING, WORKING!!!

  1. Hello Hilary,
    Glad to hear from you again. I absolutely hate recording, whether I’m doing it myself, in my home studio, or a big pro studio, with a real producer. It gets on my nerves. I can play a song perfectly, until the record button is activated. Then I can’t play anything. I stay frustrated through the entire recording, listening, mixing session. Yet, I’m fooling around with my board and recorder, as if I might be getting ready to record some new songs. God help me.

    • Hi Jerry, thanks for posting! It took me years to finally feel comfortable in the studio. Finally I realized that I am in control and I mistakes are simply ways to make the song better. Once I caught on to that recording became fun.

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