Working on What Needs Work

I’m working on all the things I think I need to be doing.  It is not as easy as you might think.  The question arises, How do I know what it is I need to do?  It is a good question, but not one easily answered.  It has been hard enough to answer it for myself, let alone answer it for someone else.  So, how do I go about finding out what it is I need to do?

I belong to several social networking sites that have to do with music.  This needs doing.  I have found that these are a great place to begin.  There are others out there that seem to be as clueless as myself.  My two main sources of information are Facebook and Linkedin.

Facebook is obvious, I found out some truly useful information about copyrighting my songs by simply mentioning a problem I had.  Two people chimed in and, WOW, I’ve saved thousands of dollars.  Up until then I had no idea that I could batch copyright my material.  I now do batches of forty or so songs at once, for the same price as one song.  Not bad at all.

Linkedin is important because it has so many sub-groups pertaining to my musical interests and needs.  I get questions answered.  I read answers to questions I never thought to ask.  Plus I get suggestions that are really great as well.

I am currently working on three projects for other singers:  a singer in Texas, a singer in Great Britten, and the CD about Marijuana.  I still have the Borderlands of Hell on the back burner, but the sound engineer, while very good, is very slow.  Borderlands will get doing and released, but that, for the time being is out of my hands.

I also have worked a deal with a local wine bar/tasting room, to play every 1st and 3rd Friday.  This is really great because I am working our my sets.  I need to learn a  bunch more of my songs so I have a larger repertoire for playing out.  I figure that, while there are some songs folks want to hear over and over again, I need to be able to rotate my material so I don’t get bored.  I am currently working on having eight sets of sixteen songs each.  That’s an arbitrary number, but having sixteen songs a set gives me plenty of stuff if I need it.  I was taught that when I am getting ready for a presentation, to “Prepare, prepare, prepare, and then to edit, edit, edit.”  I have found that over preparation has never lets me down.

I might add here, that this is not work that is hard, or that I am grumpy about having to do.  I absolutely love what I do.  I am never bored, really, and there is always something exciting happening that lets me know that I am really and truly alive.  I like when I am alone writing.  I like when I am in my studio laying in tracks and mixing.  I like making contacts for gigs and songwriting opportunities.  I like being on stage and tearing it up.  I just like it all.  What’s not to like?


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