Hard Day for a Songwriter

I Want Some of the Fun!

My friends, the Dry County Drinkers shouldn’t have all the fun.  Jon-Emory and his Drinker Nation shouldn’t be having all the excitement.  I want some of it as well.  The Indie Music life is a treacherous one, but actually, it is no worse that any other form of survival in the music industry.  I just watched “Crazy,” which is the story of Hank Garland, and boy oh boy, talk about treachery!  So it is on us Indie Music Musicians to have our fun where we can and how we can, and to make sure we are getting our own work done as best as possible.

Gettin’ the Work I Wanted

Late last week, after I thought my work was through for the week, I got a request for a song Thursday morning.  I wrote and recorded it with a full eight tracks including a back-up singer I had to dig up on short notice, mixed, mastered and sent it out on Friday afternoon.  Whew!  I have some material I’ve been working on for a singer that I had promised by Friday, but you can guess how that went, so today and tomorrow are  my last days for that.  The heat is on!

The Venues I Get for My Gigs

On this Friday I begin a series of four consecutive weekends of performances, and I need to be sharper than I am on my sets. So I hope to spend parts of  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday just singing my stuff.  I really do love my life.

Blowin’ off Some Steam

With all this in mind I went out this weekend and did a photo-shoot based on my fatigue and work-load.  I had fun.  It was relaxing.  I got to poke fun at myself, which is always a hoot.  My wife, Cherie, usually gets recruited for these photographic missions, and she does well.  She has worked with me off and on since the early seventies when I had my first photo-studio.  She’d do the passport photos and some of the dark-room work.  She does good—and she’s close by when I need a photographer quick, and has a really great eye.

Sour Grapes

There has been a lot of talk on one of my networking sites around the issue of buzz and promo in the Indie Music Scene.  We Indie Music Types are being accused, it appears, of being whiners because we want an even shake and some of the industry obstacles out of the playing field.  I guess if that looks like whining to a Music Industry Professional, then screw them blue with a big tattoo!

Sour grapes and then some.  The Mainline Music Industry played dirty, mean, and nasty for as long as they could get by with it and now they are pissed because we Indie Music Types see through their shit?  Right.

The truth of it is, we would actually like to have the opportunities and power available and offered by the Mainline Music Industry, but we also want our Creative Control.  Creative Control is being able to choose the songs we sing and then to have a say in how it is produced.  Too many time a Major Label has liked an artist, seen their great potential, and then stripped the group of their creativity and unique sound on the theory that there was more money in it for the label to commercial up the sound.  I think this is the key reason that the Music industry has taken a great big stinky.


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