Last Thursday I sang at a venue, Rancho Nicasio out in Marin County that I had thought of as a serious haven for blues.  It is owned by blues singer, Angela Straley and her husbandThey have huge blues names out there, and so I just assumed–I was wrong.

On the third Thursday of each month there is an invitational songwriter series hosted by songwriter, Lauralee Brown.  It is low key, but Lauralee provides a good mix of talent.  It was like an open mic, but more upscale, and more controlled.  Seven songwriters each brought around twenty to thirty minutes of material.  The talent varied, but not much.  The genres varied greatly, there was a good mix of styles, and it was just bunches of fun!  I not only had fun, but I met some new folk and made a couple of great connections.

This is not the first songwriter presentation I have been invited to, and I enjoy them immensely.  Because we are performing for other songwriters, we can sing and know that our songs are respected, and our lyrics are being respected and heard.  There is not a lot of money to be made at one of these things, but having my songs heard by people who get that it’s about the words is payment enough.  Bars, clubs, festivals, pay well, but no one listens.  At least that I can tell.  Anyway, thank you, Lauralee, for the invitation, it was a gas playing out there.


Working on Material

Today is a work day for this Indie Music songwriter.  I am working up three songs to send out to a singer in Texas who wants what I write.  HOORAY!!!  This is the real thing, and I’ll keep everyone posted as I move along with the project.  I first had to find a female singer who could sing the songs.  Next I had to transpose the songs so the singer could sing them.  One of them had lyrics that I have never liked, and always meant to re-work.  So, guess what?  Today I am also re-writing the lyrics and filing the re-write with the  U. S.Copyright Office.

This is a lot of work, but it’s worth it.  I think that the nature of a singer/songwriter is the singing of their own songs, and that mostly is the case with me.  But I did not start out to be a singer.  I started out to be a songwriter.  I became a singer when I realized that I was not living in a place where there was a plethora of singers who were drooling for my material.  I now like singing and performing, but I didn’t early on.  It used to scare the living bejezus out of me.  Now, I get antsy before hand, but I love being on stage!

So for me the Indie Music Business has always been about getting out of the Indie side of the music scene and over to the mainstream side of it.  I’ll probably never make it all the way over, and I sure like the freedom of the Indie lifestyle, and I am not really sure anymore if I really want over to the mainstream side, but I’d like to give it a try.  In music the only thing I like better than writing and performing is spending money.  I do like money!



  1. It’s a bit hard to understand why performers are shy about getting on stage. People want to hear what you have to offer or they wouldn’t be there. Some of your biggest fans will be other songwriters. After I perform my “great” songs I have to drop down to my “good” songs. Then after that I may have to do a few numbers that are hard to perform None of them ever sound as good as the studio recordings but I don’t think anyone wants to see me stand on stage and fake it while my CD plays. As far as making money from this – that’s a long shot indeed.But I did win the Georgia Million Dollar Lottery: I get a dollar a year for the next million years.

    • Eddie, I think that many performers are fearful about being on stage because many creatives are extremely fragile. They have been hurt deeply and are terrified it will happen again. Many also equate any slight as personal and so criticism terrifies them.

      Also, my studio recordings don’t sound as good as I’d like but that doesn’t stop me, and I have reconciled myself to the fact that I will never have a perfect performance, and have learned to compensate with strong good humor and witty quips that keep the audience at ease with whatever I do. I have made my excursions into faulty delivery an excuse to get another laugh. Works great!

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