Out Ridin' the Wild Beast

So there’s stuff happening.  I spent two hours on Saturday with a lawyer, because I was sent a contract by a music publishing house, and I wanted an outside opinion.  And, except for a couple of strange paragraphs that may or may not be slight of hand deal breakers, overall the thing looks like something I might get interested in.  Well, will that might mean that I won’t be an Indie Music songwriter anymore.  I think that if the publisher wants to make money as much as I do and they can be trusted (there’s the biggie), I sign.  Lot of negotiations first.

My main concern with them is that they are a New York based firm, and that means we will go by New York law and lawyers.  Another concern is that they are new, and I am not sure of their track record.  Then again, I do not have a publisher, and they are the first interest I’ve gotten, ever.  I’m cautions, but I’m also stoked!

In the meantime, I’m beginning to play quite of single performances.  I find I really like doing this kind of thing a whole bunch.  Out ridin’ the wild beast that is a single performance.

Performing as a single has perks and drawbacks.  The perks are that I don’t have to share any of the money I make.  Also, I can make last minute changes without having to try an turn an 18-wheeler on a dime.    The drawbacks are that I really am up front and alone with no rhythm support and nobody to keep playing after I discover I am playing the wrong harp in the middle of a song.  Yet the drawbacks do not seem to match the intimacy I have with an audience when it is just me.  That’s major!

So Saturday I played a small venue on my own.  I was a little nervous at first because it was the first time in a year or so that I play as a single.  Holy-moly but it was fun.  I like being able to talk back and forth with the members of the audience.  I like the free-form joking that is possible, and I like molding my act to match the mood of the crowd without having to worry about one of the members jumping the rails.

In August I am playing a really great venue out in Marin County.  So some of this is in preparation for that gig.  I will perform some material that I haven’t in a long time, and singing those songs will feel like discovering an old  friend again after years of separation.  I like the freedom of this kind of a format—at least for awhile.  The band will start in earnest again in November when my new guitar player gets in from Oklahoma City, if he ever gets here, but until then, I’ll ride the wild beast alone!


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