AND, As For Direction, Sometimes...

If you recall from my last posting, I was supposed to get a studio-full of musicians last Wednesday, who were coming up from LA to meet me.  Well, Wednesday came and went and the LA faction was a no-show, though they did call to tell me what was happening.  Also I received word from a group, also from LA, I have been working with about some changes they want to make in a project for which I have been writing.  KABOOM and YIKES!!!

Three years ago I was asked to write the songs for a soundtrack for a docudrama that was going to be aired on one of the cable channels (for some obvious reasons I am not going to get into details here, at least not until after August).  They invited me to go down to the LA Area and meet the people involved, listen to the stories, and write fictional story-songs in my style, that told their stories.  As a spin-off I also wrote ten PSAs (public service announcements). which seem to be doing really fine.  All is well, life is good.

The phone call I got last week was a fairly excited one informing me that they had received $2,500,000 advance money to get it started, but they were going to use a famous producer to do it.  I said that if they were not going to use me and another producer that they should use this other producer who understood what my music and sound was about.  I was told that they liked Producer #1.  Aaaawwwwwk!

No hostages are taken in the music industry!

My answer to this of course was to say, “screw them,” and begin producing my own CD of this stuff — MY WAY!

I do understand that in the long run, I will probably make more money because of the producer they are choosing, but while I do like money, I also like having things my own way.  It’s why I’m an independent involved in the Indie Music Scene.  So, all in all, I’m spoiled and I don’t play well with others, yet it is my ball, my field, and my gig.  Why not make some of my own rules?

My plan is to record and produce my own CD of the songs, and record them my way AND record them first!  They want to begin their production somewhere around September or October, and I think I can have this finished by August.  In the end, they will have a great production made with state of the art equipment by an incredible producer.  I will have a production made that fits my own vision of the material.  Will my work be as great?  I can’t say for sure, but probably not by Hollywood‘s standards, but I do know that it will  be authentic, and that to me is major.

I am also beginning to see some really great marketing opportunities that will come out of this, which are exciting.  If I do my recording and producing, and release a CD, and they do theirs for the docudrama, I am not sure how I can lose.

45-90 is on hold until I get this project finished.  I still need to find a drummer and to work out the changes around placing one in a band that hasn’t had one for a few years.  Also there are some considerations about nuances of the new direction, like new arrangements for the material.  The plus here is that in producing this forthcoming CD with my own musicians, I can better show 45-90 what I am hearing and what I want to do.



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