More Pedals and Swirly Fuzzy Stuff

Once again I’ve been approached by a producer from Los Angeles who wants to talk music and bands and gigs and touring on a large scale.  AND, once again I’m faced with a house full of musicians, crazies and the like–people running around acting nuts because they actually are nuts.  So far all my Los Angeles connections have given me are some really funny stories.  The experience, so far has been fun but, up to now, mostly non-productive.

I actually can’t say totally non-productive, because I have gotten some public service announcement gigs, and worked on a sound track for a screen play/docudrama.  So the connection is interesting, zoo-like, and challenging.

I say it is challenging because I keep getting ideas and possibilities thrown at me that I just would not have considered.  The most challenging of these is simply that I write and play Honky-Tonk/Rockabilly and they know nothing about it.  This group seems only to know about Psychedelic Rock, and a little Punk, which proves interesting when we are trying to communicate musically.  I am being challenged to add a layer of Psychedelic Rock to the honky-Tonk.  I am considering doing just this.  I am not sure how it will end up, but it has an exciting element.

There is some precedent for doing something like this.  The early Yardbirds, the Seeds who blended Surf with Rockabilly and Rock “N” Roll, and the Cramps who were the best at the blending of Rockabilly and the Psychedelic sound.  I think another great example of this is Reverand Horton Heat.  I mean, like, wow, he has a blend that includes everything from surf to jazz and all parts between.

So it’s more pedals, more electric, more swirl, but not too heavy-handed and underlying the Honky-Tonk/Rockabilly lyrics and swing of my songs.  Actually at one time I have been experimenting with having the drummer shuffle while the bass played swing.  We went back to swing and straight eventually, simply because the music really demands the swing.  However, putting swing against strait, might be an interesting experiment.

This whole meeting of North and South (California) that will happen on Wednesday comes at a time when 45-90 was beginning to look for another drummer and thinking about shaking up our sound somewhat.  ANNNNNNNNND, the bass player and I have been considering what it would be like to lay more, are you ready for this?, of a Psychedelic sound to what we are doing.  What a quinkydink!

So, I’m wondering if what’s coming in on Wednesday is just going to be more LA jabber, or if there’ll be some action as well.  I’ll keep you posted.


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