Marketing My Indie Wares

Game Plan: Burn up the stage!

It’s hard to see my keyboard to type this morning.  Yesterday was a jam-packed day.   I had a gig that lasted all day for which I did both DJ work and a performance.  It was outdoors, not too hot (80+ degrees), with cottonwood down blowing thickly at times.  The event was an annual May Day party that Geyserville throws, and it’s a whole lot of fun.  I’ve been doing this for around ten years.  It’s where I live and I get to give back a little to the folks who are some of my biggest fans.

Last week I had an encounter with a label and I was invited to fill out a questionnaire for them.  WOW!  Some of the questions were questions were questions I had never even thought to ask.  This is going to take some time, folks.  The A & R person told me that they were not questions for qualification, but simply to give an idea of where to begin discussions.

They wanted to know the name of my band as well as the names of all band members.  That’s an easy one.  Also if my songs were copyright protected.  Again an easy one, as was with what performance rights organization am I affiliated.

The questions that got me really thinking were, if I had a City, State, or Federal business license, or whether or not my songs have a particular message, and what it might be, and if I had set up an actual career, marketing, or business plan.  YIKES!

Whether you know this or not, this blog is about my mental meanderings through the three key areas of my life:  fly fishing, music, and photography.  These three activities are central to me as a person and as an artist.  Right now I am concentrating on the music part of my life.  I have set photography aside for the time being (maybe a long time) to concentrate on music.  Fly fishing is what I do when I need mental health.  So, right now, music in general, and Americana/HonkyTonk/Rockabilly in particular, is the be all and end all of my eating, living and breathing.  With all this said, I have more or less gone about both my photographic and musical careers in what I have thought as a systemic approach.  However, after reading the questionnaire, I am led to believe that there is a whole ‘nother level to the term systematic, that I need to get in contact with.  WOW!

I will fill out the questionnaire, and I will submit it.  I will also say that  would like a little help, and that was why I contacted the label, and did not try to go this on my own.  Who knows what’ll happen, the process is not only challenging, but it is fun!


2 thoughts on “Marketing My Indie Wares

  1. I’ve read several books about the music business, as I’m sure you and everybody else in the business has, and to the best of my recollection(which ain’t saying much), everyone of them stressed how important it is to have a Music Marketing/Business Plan. However, I still don’t have either one, and even after reading how to put one together, I still don’t know how. I’ll be very interested to hear from you, when and if you get one…PLEASE.
    Thanks for another good blog, and God bless you!

    • Hi Jerry, and yes, I will do that–actually both. I need to give some consideration to the notion, first, then produce one, and then write about it. Isn’t it strange how some of the most vital ideas can be the least obvious? It always makes me wonder what else is out there I am missing. Thanks for reading and responding, Hilary

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