Indie-Up and Wait

Hilary Marckx & 45-90

Hilary Marckx & 45-90 is playing the waiting game.  We have done our recording, the tracks are getting mixed and mastered.  When that is done, we will send them out to CD Baby (maybe), and have a CD Release Party.  Yea!!  I said maybe because I am waiting to hear from a label or three, and my hope is that we will be signed before self-producing, and be saved from ourselves at the last minute.

Nice dream if you can get it!

In the meantime, we are getting gigs and playing, and working on merch.  I just found a place with some great temporary tattoos, that I can have made up with the band logo.  Kool!  Great giveaways!  We already have Stickers up the wazoo, and a really nifty patch designed and ready to send out.  Ready to rock!

With this new DYI Indie Music era we musicians and songwriters are living in there is a lot to do.  This is a perfect time for the OCDers to come forth and take their place in the history of music.  And I will move to the front of the column as I obsess on every little detail, and especially on the details that I have not thought of yet.

I like most of what I do.  I don’t like it when people try to screw me, and I certainly don’t like it when those whom I depend on for support (booking, art-work, venues) drop out, don’t do the work, cancel shows and such.  But in truth, most of that kind of thing doesn’t happen too often.  I should say, that when it does happen it is fairly spectacular, and usually makes for a great story.  And you know, that as a songwriter/storyteller, for me it is all about the story.  I have quite a collection of stories to tell.  I am an observer, and I observe stuff.  Idiots acting naturally always get my full on attention.  I get ideas for a lot of stories from them.  I play a lot in dives so I get a lot to observe.

But right now I am simply waiting.  I am doing the work, putting in the time, making the phone calls, writing the emails, working the crowd for contacts, and following up all leads.  But I am waiting.  The more work I do, the more I am rejected.  However, the more I am rejected, the closer I am to being accepted.  The product is coming together just fine.

To brag just a little, Hilary Marckx & 45-90 is a band that will need to be contended with.  We have a sound that we have worked hard on attaining.  We have a simple sound, but it has layers.  We have a vision for Americana/HonkyTonk that is clear.  We have a stage presentation that is strong.  It is just a matter of time until we and what we need are in the same place at the same time, and POW!  So we work and wait, and wait and work, but that’s the Indie scene, which is in truth no different from any other scene when it comes to success.

Just a few words about our recording process for those who may be interested.  I record my tracks in my studio here in Geyserville, CA.  I lay in my rhythm guitar, vocals, drum track to keep tempo, and harmonica.  Then I process them as WAV files, and export them to a flash drive.  I take that over to Sacramento, CA, where Rob and John lay in their tracks.  Innovation occurs in their recording and they add to the sound as they see fit.  I listen and make suggestions, as do they (this all works because we trust each other), and then it gets mixed and mastered (by Rob who is a whop-up sound magician) and then sent out.  The key here is that we trust, not only each others’ musicianship,  but that we have a good and close vision for where the sound needs to go.  And now we are waiting.


2 thoughts on “Indie-Up and Wait

  1. Hello Hilary,
    I enjoyed reading your blog alot. It seems I can always relate so well to what you’re saying, as I’m sure many other indies can.
    I have to have a CD, when you do get everything finished, whether it’s on a label or not, and since I just got acquainted with you last week, I don’t know where I might be able to listen to some of your past work. If you’d let me know, I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks alot, keep writing, and God bless you!

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