Indie Love & Life full Speed Ahead

A Big Ol' Smiley Face of Love

A couple of things before I get on with this posting.  First, I post once a week, I live in Northern California, and I post by 10 AM.  This means that for some of my readers, you are getting this in the late afternoon or even in the middle of the night.  Just sayin’.

Next, after last week’s post, I got an inordinate amount of responses (reactions) admonishing me to just love.  So I want to say a couple of things about that.  I love, but I do not confuse love with co-dependence, or with making nice when a shark is trying to tear off my arm.  I need that arm to play guitar.  People who are cons are thieves, and while we are required by the universe, God, or just good psychology, to love them, as the human beings they are, I also believe we are also required to name them for what they are.  If they are not named, they will prey on others.  I understand that there are those timid flowers who just cannot bring themselves to make a judgment call about anything, but give it a break.  I suspect that they may be victims of what’s called “The Stockholm Syndrome” (look it up).  I do love, and more importantly, I do not hate, but I am not afraid to name.  I counseled alcoholics and drug addicts for years–naming is important.  Clarity is important as well, but that seems to frighten some folks.  It is however, better to be frightened than to be sanctimonious.

This is Us---thanks to Thad who just walked by

Sooooooooooo, onwards.  We, we being Hilary Marckx & 45-90, are developing what is called and EPK (Electronic Press Kit).  This, it seems, is harder than pulling elephant teeth.  There are only three of us, for cryin’ out loud, but we are spread out over about 150 miles.  Then add in photographers and you have complications.   We are working through them.  I have been converting just about anyone with hands and eyes from simple observers into photographers, and because of this, we have some really good photography of us.

Another step I took this last week was to let go a booking agent and take on another one.  It was a head thing to do, because I really liked our previous agent.  Sometimes “liking” has nothing to do with the success equation.  Sometimes we just need to go with product, and I needed more.  I need to feed this band.  45-90 loves to play for it’s fans, and we seem to make fans wherever we play.  It is logical, then, to play as much as we can.  Our new agent wants to take us on the road to give us as much exposure as we can get.  We think that is a great idea, and we support that plan.

I’m still sending my songs out to reviewers, producers, radio stations, and anyone else who might listen.  We are still recording, and the mixes coming back are great.  We are on track to release in May sometime.  So it’s push, push, push.  It’s all fun.  It’s all about the love, and “With a Big Ol’ Smiley Face of Love” I carry on.  I do love this business!


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