45-90 Plays a Gig!

We (Hilary Marckx & 45-90) went out and played our first gig as a band Saturday night.  We Opened for The Dry County Drinkers to a packed house, and had a blast doing it!  We played one set, and had it down fairly well, and we laid it out pretty good for our first time.  I am happy with the performance.  What counts is that the crowd seemed to like it a lot.  They danced, hooted, yelled, and drank.  What more could you ask for?

This is the fourth incarnation of 45-90, and the best Ive had so far.  The last two bands got fired outright,, and I got disgusted with bands in general, and played single for a couple of years.  I got some good gigs, and got my songs placed in some kool spots.  But I like playing with a and, so yet one more time I’m playing with a couple of really great musicians and making my Rockabilly/Americana/Honky Tonk music.  John McLean played with The Blue Jays, out of Atlanta for years, and Rob Fisher played with The New Pioneers out of Sacramento.  They are superb, and having them back me is like driving a Cadillac.

When all was said and done, the owners of the bar, liked us, and asked for our information so they could have us back,  Dry County Drinkers liked us and want to play with us again, and Jeromy of Petticoat Discipline (a mutation of Soggy Biscuit” wants to share a future stage with us.  I’m a happy camper, that’s what I am.

However, this did not happen by fluke.  We worked, and are working our tails off to get as good as we can get.  That is not an easy thing to do, because we are spread out so much.  I am 150 miles from Sacramento, John is 20 miles from Rob.  This means only one practice a week and we have to make it count.  This, we seem to be doing.

The band we opened for, Dry County Drinkers, is working just as hard–and they are getting it done.  With songs like, “If You Ain’t Drunk (You’re With The Terrorists),”  “Drinkin’ Dirty,” and “Last Real Bar in California,” they are hitting their stride with both low-down Honky Tonk and Cow Punk.  Every time I hear them they are better, tighter, wilder.  I was honored to open for them!

It was a great night!


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