Indie Music and Promotion, or Howdy Pard, Wut’s Yur Brand?

Howdy Padner, Wut's Yer Brand?

I had a conversation with a friend the other day about Social Networking and how it may well be a boon to the Indie Musician.  That individual was afraid about using Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin, “People can know stuff about you…”  Well Hells Yeah!  That’s what you want!

Well, we are supposed to want folks we’ve identified as those we want to reach to reach us.  We want them to recognize us.  We want them to feel like “insiders” to our activities.  and BUY OUR CDs AND MERCH so that they can remember how they felt about us when they saw us live!

It used to be that we could go out and play on some strip, somewhere, get regular at a couple of clubs like the Whiskey or some such other, have an exec from New York drift in and “Discover” us, not so much because we were good, but because there was lots of money to throw around and to earn and they thought we might be the next goose to lay a golden egg, and we were signed and our souls were owned by Capitol or another big label, and we were off to rising stardom.  And all we had to do was to write more songs that were hits, tour, take lots of cocaine, tour our asses off, and collect huge royalty checks.  Not so much anymore.  Now Everything’s smaller, and most of the work is done by us the Indie Music Artists.  Dang!!!

Social networking is part of this new do it yourself, DIY, Indie Music Scene.

As I have come to understand, social networking is about visibility, and is not for the paranoid, but for the bold- hearted and brave!  Or the wreak-less, but it is for those who place success ahead of fear.  I understand that as soon as I write something like this there’s going to be folk who want to dispute it, but that’s what a blog is for–so go get your own damn blog and opine to your heart’s content.

I use the following sites:  MySpace, Facebook, Linkedin, ReverbNation, Only for Blues, doesnot, Hoodilidoo, as well as WordPress, for this blog.  AND, yes, I do keep them all straight.  each one of these gives me a unique approach to my brand and my promotion of that brand.  Next week I will try and run down what each one offers me.


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