Promotion and the Indie Music Scene

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This week, maybe month, I am going to try to earn about online promotion for 45-90.  I’m not sure how that is going to work out, but I’m going to give it a try.  Out here on the fringe of the Indie Music Scene, at least that’s how it feels sometimes, I feel a little lost and out of it all.  So, I am dedicating this month to figuring some of it out.

There seems to be a plethora of groups who are begging to take my money so they can “help” me make it big.  I am not too sure how that works, except that they get my money and I get broke.  There are also many legitimate companies who have legitimate services for which they expect to be paid, and rightly so.  The operative word here is, “legitimate.”

The trick is to sort, weed, out the dissembling from the forthright, the hucksters from the genuine–and I do not think that will be an easy task.  So the question is, Where to begin?  I’m not sure, but I’ll have more to post on Friday.  There is a lot of money being made by lairs and cheats off the gullible and credulous, and the paranoia rampant among the Indie  Music folks.  A hawk will always find a bunny.  The trick is not to be a bunny.


2 thoughts on “Promotion and the Indie Music Scene

  1. Even most of the so-called “Legitimate” companies tend to tkae your money with no positive results. The “best” promotion one can do is work your ass off and do it yourself.

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