Almost Demo/Almost Ready for Promotion

Borderlands of Hell -- CD & Hopefully Tour

Starting to get back some MP3s for 45-90s demo CD.  They are sounding really great.  I am proud of them.  Life is getting the way, but that is how life is, and I can work around the crud.

My son has surgery today and we are all in Elk Grove, CA for that.  He’ll have a long recovery, but barring complications, he should be up and around in about eight weeks.  In the meantime, there is practice and more recording to do.  It’ll keep my mind off his problems.  I hope!

This newest version of 45-90, with John McLean and Rob Fisher, is coming along just fine, and we are committing to two back-to-back practices a week.  Our agent is getting restless and wants to start booking us.  We want to be as good as we can be before we start promoting.  There are gigs to do, places to be, and music to be played!

I think that we will be ready to start pushing by April.  We’ll have demo in hand and possibly a CD.  It would be nice if the CD was completed and we could have a Borderlands of Hell Tour.  We are looking for sponsorship, and that might take the weight off somewhat, but I still am wondering what sponsorship might mean for the band’s autonomy.

Signing with a record label might be nice, but at this time in the history of the recording industry, labels are not only a dream, but are not too realistic, either.

So we work in what I term, the Subjunctive Mode.  That’s where we work as if it were already happening.  We act out of a model of what could be, and just keep on moving ahead, regardless of how things work.  That’s the mode where we make it happen or else!  In the Indie Music scene nothing is actually easy.  We do most of it ourselves: recording, sound engineering, mixing, mastering, promotion, advertising–and then when that’s all done we get to play some music.

Look out 2011, My Name is Hilary Marckx and this is 45-90, and we’re comin’ atcha!!!


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