Writing Songs for the Season

Merry Christmas From the Marckx Family!

I discovered this year that over past years I have composed around 12-15 sacred Advent and Christmas songs.  I found myself amazed at that!  Most of them are actually Advent songs, because it seems that there is a dearth of songs for that season.  Understand that this is me writing for my worship service, and I hate what is termed “new praise” with a passion, and I am fairly bored with the old stuff–though I will, when pushed, put both in my service.

I do like many of the old Christmas Carols, and those we use.  But most Protestant churches, that is the low or non-liturgical churches, haven’t a clue about Advent, and think that it is just an excuse to sing Christmas Carols over a longer period of time.  Yikes!!!  Also much Advent music is written for big chorale settings.  That doesn’t work for a congregation that is smaller than most chorales.   Also, much of the music for this season is written as “Big music” for complicated orchestral galas.  Now, you tell me, how is this going to work in a church with a worship service that averages from between 5 to 15, and is lead by a Rockabilly, for cryin’ out loud?

I have found a middle ground between the current praise song and old time country.  Some of the songs rock, some pray, some praise, but all are what I consider theologically sound–that is they don’t drip with male gender or have the words I, or me, repeated ad nausium. There are limits!  also they do not dwell on the blood and guts and worms of old-timey Christian misunderstandings of the Jesus-event.

Well, I’m thinking that while it is too late for me to get out a CD of the work for this Christmas (two days after tomorrow), it is feasible that I could get one out for next Christmas.  I’ll work on that throughout the year.  It’ll be one way to stretch out the old Christmas season.

I have also written some, OK two, that are less than worshipful.  They are funny, outrageous, suggestive, and bar-after-midnight crazy.  I have debated on putting them on the CD with the churchy ones for the shock value, but have decided against it.  That means that I may need to write a few more just to be a little obnoxious.  The two song concepts seem to sell fairly well:  songs about Jesus; songs about sex.  They just won’t sell very well on the same CD.  Go figure!

PLEASE NOTE:  I will make no posting on Friday, which is Christmas Eve Day, so until Monday, Merry Christmas!!!


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