The Multiple Guitar Boogie

Ibanez Montage - 1 for the road

Awhile ago, maybe two years ago, I saw a guitar I wanted, but could not afford.  It was an Ibanez Montage. The Montage has some really nice electronics that include a 5-way switch that modulates from “Clean Electric,” through “Piezo Acoustic,” to “fuzz.”  Each setting has individual controls.  Very nice!

Like I wrote, I really wanted this guitar, but the tag was a little over $1,000, and I was running thin in the money department, so I decided to sit on it.  I mean like I have 14+ playable guitars, so it wasn’t like it was a hardship or anything like that.

On stage with 45-90 I have gone through several permutations.  I started off playing a 1964 Silvertone large-box hollow-body, with 1957 classic Gibson Humbuckers.  Next, I switched over to a Gretsch, then to a couple of Telecasters.  Most recently, I have been considering my next on-stage guitar, and that will probably be one of my Martins.

My choices are more or less determined by my band personnel, which right now represents some really hot talent!  John McLean plays a Gretsch and he plays it hot!  He also plays bass.  Rob Fisher, plays bass, but his first instrument is the piano/keyboard.  They can switch off when needed.  That leaves me with playing a strong, hard, heavy rhythm guitar.  I can play that best on the HD28-V Martin.  If I play it so it complements best what John is doing on his Gretsch, I can at times get it to sound like something between a slap-bass and a snare.

Getting back to the Ibanez, I have started using it when I play single.  I used to use the two Telecasters, but to get a variety of sound, I have a peddle-board from hell–something like 11 peddles.  With the Ibanez, I figured that all I needed was the the guitar and I’d be set.  I went to a local music store to check one out, and they had them on a sale for $550, but that was still more than I had to spend, so I let it pass.  Then, about six months later, I went in with my good friend, and then drummer, Gene Ralelyea, to get something for his drums, and I asked about it again.  I was informed that then had one left, they were trying to move it, and they wanted $250 for it.  I almost wrenched my shoulder getting my wallet out of my hip pocket!

I can play it either through one of my Class “A” amps, or, which I prefer, through the main amp and out through the mains and monitors.  It sounds big even though I use light gauge strings (54-12s).  The EQ mix on it is great, but I help it out by adding some bass in the system plus a little low mid as well.  I’d like to get a second one for backup,and I will, just not at that same great price.


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