Geyserville: Tractor Parades, Open Mics, and really good people!

The First Annual Great Geyserville Tractor Parade

45-90, promotion, and all that entails,  is on hold until after New Year.  I’ve got to get my Townie stuff together and have some local fun.

This week there are three performances I need to do .  Two are church related and one is community related.  Actually, even the two church related ones are all about the wider community.  I performed and led Christmas Carols last night at a Geyserville Chamber of Commerce Christmas Dinner.  Tomorrow I will do the same thing for a Geyserville Kiwanis Club Christmas Dinner.  Sunday evening I will MC an Open Mic at a coffee house called Geyserville Mud.

What I do for the Chamber and Kiwanis is to help raise money for a fund I administer called the, Pastor Fund.  This fund is a community charity thing that enables me to help the people of this town who need assistance.  Last year I used the Fund to bury the loved ones of two separate families who had no means to do so themselves.   I also distributed Christmas Food Baskets to 70 families, which included a present to each member of every family for a total of 300 gifts.  There are ongoing needs, even in small communities that must be met, and this fund is a step towards meeting that need.  This year, besides whatever else we do I have committed the Fund to pay child care for a 15-year old unwed mother, so she can return to High School and get her degree.

Last night I raised around $1,600 dollars from the people at the Chamber, and tomorrow night there’ll be more from the Kiwanis.  I live in a good community.  As it was explained to me by one person last night, there are many upper income people here who feel their sense of duty to those with less and do their duty very well.  This is a good thing!  I love my Town!!!

A few weeks ago I led the caroling for the lighting of the Geyserville Christmas Tree and, get this, the Tractor/Farm Implement Parade–harvesters, 18-wheelers, cherry pickers, a fire truck all lighted up with Christmas finery!  It was cold, but there were over 300 people show up for the festivities.  When we had lit the tree we then ambled around town and did some caroling/wine/grog/coffee tasting at the various tasting rooms.

The open mic, as should be all open mics, is about fun and music, and not so much about musicianship.  But this open mic is for my good friend and owner of Geyserville Mud, Valarie Blanchard.  We are concocting a plan for music in Geyserville, and the open mic is a part of that.  I really like open mics.

The title of this post was almost, “Open Mics: Charm of Chaff?”  I should explain a little.  There is a specialness about a well run open mic that comes from its mix of great, average, mediocre, and really bad performers.  Sometimes the really good, but impatient, performers complain about the really bad ones, forgetting how bad they once were.  I enjoy listening to beginners actually beginning their musical careers.  There is something truly wonderful about someone who may be in their early teens or in their golden years, trying to figure out their place in music.

So there it is, here it is, something’s on its way–it’s an open mic in Geyserville.  Bring your favorite three or four Christmas Carols, bring your chord charts, bring your sense of adventure, your sense of humor, and be ready for a good time!  Geyserville Mud, 5:30pm–SHOWTIME children!


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