Re-Claiming the Who That Is Me

Being A Psychedelic Cowboy

This blog will finish a few of my thoughts on my last blog.

To the question, Who am I, let me say that I am a musician and songwriter, a photographer, I am minister of a small church, with a Ph.D. in theology and  art.  I am a father, and grandfather, and uncle, a husband, a brother-in-law, a pain in the ass, and much more.  I have incongruous and irreverent thoughts, and to those who are conservative by nature I seem unpredictable, and a little strange.  Well, I suppose I am.

I am sometimes conflicted between being one-who-does and one-who-observes.  I try to find the balance between the two, but unfortunately, many times it the observing that wins out.  Lately I have been doing more of the doing, and performing is strongly part of the doing.   I’d like to spend a little more time on trout streams, but, oh well.

All in all, I like what I do.  I like having done the enormous task of earning a PH D.  I love being pastor of a small church in the small town of Geyserville.  I am proud of having been a photographer, and the awards and accomplishment, I have from that.  I have a family I am proud of, and I rejoice in having children and grandchildren that I love and can admire for their various and wondrous minds and skills. I like to cook, and have friends over to feed.  I like doing stuff with Cherie.  We’ve been together since Spring of 1963, and she’s still the funnest date I’ve ever had.  But, right now, it is the music and the songwriting that is turning my crank!

OK, OK, this is the last damn time I'll post the poster!

I did not start out to be an Indie Music songwriter, because the term wasn’t in use when I started.  I  just started out to be just a songwriter who wrote Rockabilly-rhythm story-songs about the stuff of life and people’s experiences of all of that.  I was influenced by the great story telling songwriter, John Stewart, and by Texas wildcatter-turned-songwriter-story-teller, Billy Joe Shaver, as well as Hoyt Axton, and Tom T. Hall.

I like rockabilly music and I write and sing it and perform it.  Some current music types who categorize this stuff say I should call it Americana, because audiences who expect Rockabilly won’t recognize it as such, so I call it Americana.  But…  The shit’s Rockabilly, just early Rockabilly.  I don’t mean ’70s Rockabilly, but what was coming out to the front of the scene in the late ’40s to middle ’50s.  This has a mix of Hillbilly, Country, Honky Tonk, Western like they had back then, all balled up and rocked out like those early Rockabillies did.

I am in deed a contradiction in terms, and I am damn proud of it!  I’ve been told that my musical vision is somewhat weird, and a little off, but it is mine, by cracky, and I’ll keep it, too.  I will, however share my vision tonight at the Songwriter Social in Woodland tonight, so if you get there be prepared to be just a little perplexed.  I’ve been called an outlaw, but to me being an outlaw, means that at times I am an outlaw, outlaw (which I think makes me not an outlaw?).  I will not be predicted except to be predictably unpredictable.  What can I say?  Anyway, this post has been fun for me and I hope it is for you, the reader as well. If not, oh well.


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