“Time, Time, Time, Is On My Mind” in Geyserville

Nativity Shelf at my Pad

Oh yeah, it is!  Time is my nagger and my life-coach and my worst enemy and my best friend!  WOW!  I am beginning to question motives and commitments.  December is my month from hell.  December is when my life goes absolutely, however temporarily, insane.  Here’s how it goes.

I am part-time (20 hours a week-sometimes) pastor of a very small church (Geyserville Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  That does not take up too much of my time while providing a small, steady income and a place to live while acting out fantasies of being a singer/songwriter.  December is the month when all bets are off.  I also administer a small fund that helps the poor in my zip code (95441).  This fund is supported by two major organizations in my community, the Geyserville Kiwanis, and the Geyserville Chamber of Commerce, as well as a host of individual donors.  The first line of action is a Christmas Basket Giveaway.  To raise funds I need to do a sing-for-my-supper deal where I and church folk sing Christmas Carols at various functions–the lighting of the town Christmas tree, at the Chamber Christmas Dinner, and at the Kiwanis Christmas Dinner–both of which I need to speak and tell some of the things we have done through fund during the year.  I do love the people of Geyserville!  We are, as are all small towns, very unique and peculiar, and I as crazy as it makes me sometimes, I do love being here in the midst of this small magic valley (Alexander Vally) and its folk!

I enjoy, nay, I love doing all this, but the mental organizing of it is time-consuming and frustrating.  Yet it is a very significant part of my life.  I jokingly say that I have become an embodiment of the “Peter Principle,” and have been elevated well past my expertise-level.  I am not as good at organization as I could be, but I do seem to get it done every year.  I suppose that counts.

Last year at Christmas we gave out over 70 food baskets, and over 300 individual Christmas Presents.  I like to give one present to each member of the family receiving the food baskets.  I have two or three individuals who locate folks to receive the baskets and gifts.  There is also a huge time factor in the organizing of names, ages and genders for both baskets and gifts.  One would not want to give a grandma gift to a male infant–or visa versa.

Dang, but I like to play Rockabilly and Honky Tonk music!  And, I have a songwriter gig coming up on Friday, for which I am eternally grateful, and I thank you Jon~Emery, Mr. Hell Rooster himself, for inviting me.  All the Christmas falderal is great and it is satisfying, but music is FUN!!

I’ve got a song I am trying to learn that has got me snapping at my tail, but I think that this morning I may have finally gotten it down.  We’ll see.  45-90 is on hold until after New Year’s Day.  Songwriting has gone belly up until I can reconnoiter my brain.  I have only the one performance (unless you count all the sing-for-my-supper gig-letts) for the rest of the year.  I will get out of this alive!


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