Woodsheding Just Isn’t Enough — getting ready for a songwriter social

Woodsheding Just Isn't Enough

After I post this blog today I will only publish on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Why?  Too much writing to do and I’m loosing my grip on my sanity.  What kind of writing?  Songwriting.  I am trying to clean up some song-fragments and work out the kinks of  the almost-finished ones, for another batch for copyright.  And as always, I am behind my phony, trumped-up, self-imposed deadline.

Also I am working on polishing up my songs for the Songwriter Social a week from Friday, on December 10th.  For me this is a big deal.  I want to look as polished as I can.  I want to show off an assortment of my work for my peers.  It’s

Poster for Songwriter Social @ 8:00 pm on December 10th

important.  It’s also necessary.

For this songwriter, it is not enough to have a band, and it is not enough to woodshed and get tight.  At some point it is necessary for me to sit in with my peers and be counted as part of a larger group.  So the Songwriter Social is where songwriters go to share what they do for both fans and peers.

And I have to admit, that even after over 40 years of performing, I am just a little nervous about it.  Oh yeah, I am!  You see most  of my audiences like my sound, and like my energy, and the live performances cover a lot of the small mistakes I do.  But other songwriters, listen to the words!  I am not sure why this freaks me out, but it does.  I suppose it’s because the words are of primary importance to me.  I go crazy when a band mixes their words under the sound.  I always demand my mixes have the vocals prominent.

Getting tight with material is time-consuming, and very repetitive.  I sing my set list over and over and over and over…  I record myself and listen to my between-songs rap to hear if it makes any sense, of if it is just so much blather.  Even a microphone used for practice puts and edge on the practice that enhances the feeling of on-stage pressure/distractions. And while there is actually no right or wrong way to do this, I have a target of excellence I have set up and I continually shoot for it.  There is nothing wrong with doing something right, and right, for me, means that regardless of the small on-stage mistakes I may make, I will do what I do as well as I can.


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