Mick Martin, Bluesman, Friend and Influence

Mick Martin and Band in 1974--see below

Well, Mick Martin and I go back a few years, and he was a major influence in my songwriting career.  Back to the middle seventies when we both worked at an unspeakably sleazy little news rag that I will not name.  We used to race to the bank with our paychecks, and the winner did not have his check bounce!  Mick was the Editor and I was the Photo Editor.  We enjoyed each other and developed a friendship.   He would watch my two kids (Shannon and Joel) over at his house from time to time, and would fall asleep on my floor in front of the fireplace, after one of Cherie’s great dinners.  The important thing for me about Mick is that even though we are not hanging out at each others’ homes anymore, I know he is still out there.

In the early years we talked about songwriting, and he liked a couple of my songs and wanted to record on of them on an album he was doing with the Orion Express.  I did not feel like I wanted to part with them so that never came to pass, but the idea that a song of mine was good enough for Mick to want to perform, held me to song writing long after those early years.

I remember that one time I told him that I was thinking of starting to perform (those were the days when you could smoke in a bar), and Mick suggested that I lock myself in the bathroom for five hours with stale beer poured on the floor and rugs, and light up ten cigarettes, and keep them burning the whole time.  He explained that if I could take that, I could probably make it in a bar.  I stayed in the Coffee House Circuit.

Mick’s strongest influence on me is the fact that he is still out there doing what he does so well–making music for his fans.  I know so many photographers and musicians who have seemed to just dropped off the planet, but Mick just keeps on keepin’ on.  Thank you Mick for your support in my early and formative songwriting years.

I do not have an attribution for this image.  I got it off of Robbie Smith’s site, and I apologize to whomever took it for not giving them credit.  I will do so as soon as I know who you are.  Hilary


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