Guns, Hookers, Pie, and Songwriter Socials


Hard to get moving this morning.  I’ve got a fairly full day ahead of me, but I seem to just want to slack–can’t.  I have what is termed a Songwriter Social coming up and I need to learn a couple of songs for it.  It’s not that I actually need to learn more songs.  I know more of my originals and covers that any performance could hold–even more than those five-set jobs I’ve done.  No I don’t need to learn more songs.  It’s just that I know the kats that I’m sharing the Social with and to keep up with them requires some of the material I’ve had on the shelf.

These kats are great writers and they are funny, hold no punches, and take no hostages.  I need to pull out some songs I’ve written that get down to it.  Also those are fun songs to sing and share.  Indie songs tend to sulk and whine, and I don’t do that–neither to these guys.  Also, in my not-so-humble opinion, a Songwriter Social, ought to allow the Singer/Songwriter‘s to show off their less-for-entertainment-and-more for-statement songs.  At one time I sang mostly all songs that made a statement.

My “Preachin’ to the Choir” CD was just that.  It didn’t whine but it strongly suggested that our political and social systems have gone to shit, and demanded action.  “The Quilter” CD was a strange accumulation of songs originally written to be preformed for a one-person play, “Vinegar Pie,” that I preformed once with the actor, and then was fired.  I added three songs to the nine and made a homespun concept album out if it.

The CD I have coming out, “Borderlands of Hell,” is just fun, as is all my newer work.  But there are other songs I have written that are not only fun but obscenely suggestive and irreverent.  It is a couple of these that I am learning for the Social.  I like learning new material, and I like making people laugh, but I will also throw in Martha Blue a song about a seventeen-year old hooker that ODs on smack–cheery, and also the song I wrote for Charlie Musselwhite‘s Grandfather, “Mr. Charlie,” titled, “Winchester ’94.”  I’m gunna have fun with this.


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