More Studio Time

"Borderlands of Hell" Teaser Sticker

This week has been a Studio Week for me.  More recording; more practice; more working on the CD.  It’s all good.  I’ve been trying to juggle my time in the studio, because my landlord is doing some construction next door, and the air- hammers, jack-hammers, drilling of concrete,  is too formidable to work around.

I’ve been doing a lot of practicing, and arranging of songs.  Next week John and Rob are going to finish off the Demo CD, so it can go into the post-production stage, and on into distribution.  45-90 is close to yet one more incarnation!

I have a promoter, waiting for the Demo so we can begin to get gigs.  She is also waiting for a video, that I am not so sure is forthcoming.  Jeeze, a video is a whole other animal.  We are going to need to do one, as well as a photo-shoot, but we all are pretending otherwise.

Right now I am recording songs for our “Borderlands of Hell” CD.  We’re going to have fifteen songs on the album, and there are five on the demo, so that leaves ten to go.  What we have found out that works with our distances, is for me to record all my tracks and then save them to WAV files that a load into a jump drive, and take to Rob, who then buts them into Pro Tools so he and John can put in their tracks.

This is an exciting project for me.  It is the first with this configuration of 45-90, and these are really great songs–well hell, they’re mine I gotta say that.  Truth of it is that they have been performed a lot, and go over really well with fans.  The CD mixes genres having Honky Tonk, Rockabilly, and Western Story-songs all together in kind of a late fifties early sixties radio mix.  A slam of kool material.


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