Jon-Emery & the Dry County Drinkers

Their Press Images Speak for Themselves

Cherie and I went out on Thursday night to see the Dry County Drinkers play at North Light Books in Cotati, CA.  What a gas!  It was absolute chaos from top to bottom that worked.  DCD is an Outlaw Cow Punk band that has its roots sunk deeply in the strange, murky, smoke of psychoboozic Honky Tonk.  They rocked, and I loved them.  Jon-Emery is one hellofa songwriter, and his fine songs set the stage for every bit of fun we had!

With Jerry Lee Lewis on a lead guitar and vocals, Songwriter Jon-Emery on rhythm guitar and vocals, Russ on some truly great bass and vocals, Harley Lee Walker on drums, and Earl Brooks on slide guitar and mandolin, there was an unholy cacophony that was just simply over the edge good.  It was all tasty, simple, loud, wild  and wonderful!

Their Statement on their MySpace account is true: “Nobody influences the dead-end, hard-livin’ life of the Dry County Drinkers,” is correct.  They claim in their Bio:  “Rooted in Garage & Punk, Dry County Drinkers found solace in Country. The Drinker’s interpretation blends tradition with attitude to concoct a rough hewn edge. Hard cut ballads to countrified punk anthems, Dry County Drinkers stomps their boot on the throat of a new generation of Outlaw Country. Their fans know them as chain smokin’, bottle-choke’n, heart broken degenerates and it only adds to their reputation of debauchery, detox and drunk tanks. Outlaw has a new face and it’s the Dry County Drinkers.”

These Kats are something else.  Their songs were funny, and I laughed and laughed.  I looked over at Cherie at one time and she had her head down and her shoulders were shaking–and she was not crying.  I just plain had fun.  Each member worked at their job, they screamed–singing, at each other, at the crowd, and we screamed back.  All I can say it that I have never enjoyed such a large assortment of drinking, let’s get drunk and screw, let’s screw and get drunk, I’m too drunk to screw, and let’s get drunk and drink songs in my life!  The Dry County Drinkers are my recommendation for the Twisted and Wild Ass Honky Tonk Group of the Year Award!

I might also add, that as an ex-photographer and graphics guy, I do appreciate their use of lots of pictures!


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