Catching Up On Old Material

Notebooks and Sony Recorder

Today I have a meeting with the principle writer, an actor, and a camera person for the docu-drama I’m working on.  My guitarist, John McLean is the actor, I have never met the camera person, and the writer is really-o truly-o good.  Tomorrow I meet with a resource for the issue we are writing this project about.

In terms of songwriting, I have been working on what John Stewart called, Rough Sketches these past few days.  These are fragments I write when I am waiting for something else to happen.  I have two note books and a small digital recording device I use for just such writing, and I try to keep one of them with me at all times.  I’m a songwriter.  I have tools.

Sometimes I write just lyrics, and sometimes I write down the chord progressions.  I can do this because I also carry a Martin Backpacker around in my Explorer.  Sometimes when I have the tune, and I am driving I song into the recorder.  That gets kind of weird, because many times I’ll sing 1/4 step notes–like F#+, and I’ll have a devil of a time trying to work out what chord progression I actually meant.

Anyway, this last week I have been catching up on songs that needed final touches on them.  It’s kind of fun.  I’m going back over material I can’t even remember writing down, and discovering that, wow, I’ve written more songs this year than I thought–always a good thing to discover.


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