Doing Songwriter Stuff

New Song

Back into my work week with a full plate.  I’m still working on the animation project, I still need to record tracks for the CD, and WAHOO, I wrote a song last night!

Lately, my life has been as in my face and tearing past me like a speeding car.  So last night I remembered that I am a song writer, and I thought that  ought to do some songwriter stuff–like write a song.  No matter what I might write, or say from time to time, songwriting is FUN.

Let me tell you, it just felt good to sit with a guitar,  in front of  my computer and write.  Honky Tonk is fun.  Writing Honky Tonk is to take an idea that is basically a cliche, and make it sing fresh and in a way that not only can people identify with, but learn how to laugh, not only at the cliche, but at themselves maybe just a little as well.

Well fun is fun, and now I need to go to work.  I hope ya’lls have a great day.  I’ll check in tomorrow.


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