Learning Curves

Learning Curves

Today I am trying to figure out an animation program so I can have animation to go with the song I’ve been mixing.  The song, by the way needs a little more work, but for now it is just fine.  I have proved to myself I can do it.

I like learning new concepts and ideas, but sometimes the learning curve is really steep.  Years ago I purchased a Macro Media Director 8 program, I spend an even grand on it and never did figure it out.  Yikes!!!  This program is a free download, it’s called, Sqiriz Morph, but it has only taken me about three days to be able to do an animation–not a great one, but enough to show the possibilities–greatness will follow–right.  Maybe not greatness, but good craft.

I began photography in 1957, and I still don’t consider myself an expert, yet I can make really good images.  I seriously started music in 1968, and just now do I feel as if I have a handle on the medium.  Soooooooooo, here I am with production of songs and of animations to go with those songs, and based upon my past experiences with songwriting and photography, I have confidence I will learn the processes.

What I am trying to do is to do a sub-pilot–something that is good enough to get some money to do a for-real pilot and get money to do the whole series.  What do I know?  I’m making this up as I go along.  I suppose it’s at the heart of the Indie Scene:  doing everything the hard way.  Anyway, the video seems to work, but the speed and timing need to be redone.

My computer is slow, I mean really slow, and that is the time consuming part of the process.  There are three different stages to the process and each one takes over an hour to convert.  But when all is said and done, it moves, albeit it faster than the beat of the song, and it flashes in a way that could cause seizures.  Once it is slowed down it will work.  YouTube here I come!!!


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