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Where I am Working

Yesterday went well, if long.  I got the harmony tracks I needed to record,  into the  recorder, but it was no piece of cake.  Probably took around 12 tries before I got it right.  Next I wanted to eliminate the drum machine track, so I laid in a tambourine instead. Great choice!  It sounds more like the mood I’m trying to set with the song.

The hardest part of the day was transferring from one track to another, and then moving the files from the Tascam to my computer.  That took awhile!  I never got to the mixing stage.  That’s today.

I am happy with the mandolin tracks.  As I wrote yesterday, we recorded three lead tracks, and one chop track.  The purpose of having the three tracks is that each one contains some really brilliant sections and some really not-so-brilliant ones.  I will cut and past and slide and shove until the best are featured and the worst are deleted.  It is a time-consuming process, but one that is needed.

Another issue with this particular song is that it is for the pilot for the docu-drama, and it needs to be a certain length–five minutes.  This also means that I will need to past a couple of tags onto the end to stretch it out a little.  I talked with the writer/producer last night.

Another thing that is on the mind of this songwriter, is the need to write one more song for the docu/drama.  It’s in my brain, and partly on paper, but nothing as of yet.  I’m thinking a minor-rock story-song, but more on this later.


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