One Track at a Time–Whittle & Carve

Whittle & Carve

Today I’ll be mixing down a song.  I need to put a vocal harmony into it and then mix, mix, mix.  Yesterday Dan Bernstein and I spent the morning recording four mandolin tracks–three lead and one chop/rhythm.  I listened to the whole song last night with the various tracks and it sounded good.  Once I get my high vocal harmony into the mix I can get to work.

I’ll post an update on my progress tomorrow, but for today it’s one track at a time until I get it into a song form.  Much of the work is to take the best parts from each of the mandolin tracks and place them into a new track and slide them around until they match the beat, and keep doing this until it sounds cohesive.

This is fun work.  In a way it is every bit as creative as is the songwriting part of my profession.  It is kind of like sculpture, because I am carving, molding, and whittling the various parts of a song until I have a finished piece.  Good stuff!


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