Back to the Studio

In the Studio

Today I am going over to Sacramento, CA to work on recording for a CD we (45-90) are working on.  Then, tomorrow, I will be above Placerville in Pollack Pines to record Dan Berstein and mandolin for the “Livin’ the Green Life” soundtrack.  It’s a lot of work, but it is good work.

Songwriting has turned into less songwriting and more producing, but I suppose that is natural.  If a songwriter wants the songs they write to be done the way they should be done, it is natural that the songwriter should have a hand in the production of said song.

Recording has a learning curve that is substantial.  Microphone placement for instruments and vocals–drums are a killer–are crucial.   How much reverb, compression, EQ to put with each track, as well as volume for each instrument and what level to put each vocal takes a learned ear and much learning.  Which microphone works best for what is being recorded.

I am continually learning something new, discovering some esoteric technique that changes the whole feel of a song.  It is a wonderful thing to learn, and it is a wonderful thing to hear songs I have written, sounding really good.


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