Indie Music, Exacting Tedium, & Merch?

Sticker Art Work for "No Good Man"

Good morning, me!  I spent most of yesterday doing band stuff.  I worked on getting stickers ready to order, and then ordering them.  Paper work is not my favorite task, but it is a task that I as an Indie Music artist am left to do.  For me, if I don’t do it, it won’t get done.  Songwriting is fun; exacting tedium is not fun; but it’s fruit is really kool, so I do the work.


What I had to do was, get art work lined up to send out for stickers.  Merch! Last month I tried an experiment with a few stickers I had made up.  I handed some out at a show I did.  I only had 150 made up and they went fast.  People were asking for two and three at a time–and they were excited about getting them.  45-90 is planning on releasing a CD (Borderlands of Hell) sometime in the first part of 2011, and so I have been thinking about making up some stickers we could give away that had song titles on them, as well as one we could use for pre-publicity.  Yesterday was about getting all of that in order, and then getting the orders out to the printing company.  It was some job for an ADHD, Dyslexic to get accomplished!  But I did it.  WOW!

John McLean is in Atlanta to play a gig with his old group The Blue Jays, but I’m leaving for Sacramento this afternoon to begin laying in tracks for the Borderlands of Hell CD, and I am looking forward to doing that a whole bunch.  FUN stuff!  But it too will be tedious work.  Yet, work that needs to be done if this Hilary Marckx & 45-90 are going to get anywhere.  We have action hanging in the wings and just waiting for us to have enough product to promote.  We got the sound, we got the motion, we got the rockin’ machine, now we just gotta get ‘er done!


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