“The Lady Hates Country Music”

Us in 1964

This blog is a tribute to one of the people who has made it possible for me to be a songwriter.

The Lady hates country music, but I sing it to her all day long, She puts up with me, but I can see, she digs the quiet when I am gone. I wrote this way back years ago (around 1973-1974) because my wife, Cherie, doesn’t like country music, and I do sing it all day long.  She comes to my shows and supports me, and she loves me in spite of my taste in music.  She likes show tunes, and I like her in spite of her taste in music.  The point is that we support each other even though we don’t especially understand each other’s tastes or points of view when it comes to music.

She also supports my commitment to playing music and being an indie songwriter and performer.  I mention all this because I know many ex-musicians who got out of music because their wives didn’t want to, or couldn’t, compete with their commitment.  I am very lucky.  For many years both my music (1968-present) and my photography (1957-2009) looked like losing propositions, and still she stood by me and supported me in what looked like dumb, crazy, reckless decisions on my part.

She has trusted me in and out of success and failure.  She has trusted me to pull rabbits out of my hat even when I had no hat.  I have also done my best, which many times was not enough, to give my support to her when, and as I could.  We try to share our: riches, poverty, success, failure, hope, fear–love.  It is how we have managed to stay together for forty-eight years–three dating, forty-five married.

Well now, it has not been easy, and there’s been many times we almost threw in the towel, but we didn’t and we are still hangin’ out.  What we have become is a team.  Don’t screw with us!

I know that there are some guys that are intimidated by women that are smarter than they are.  Not so here.  I;m not slow, but jeez, what an advantage to get to live with someone whose IQ is, without exaggeration, off the charts!  Mutual trust leads to mutual strength.  We trust each other to do the best by each other and that means to give each other our best so the other can thrive.  We want each other to thrive!  I may write songs about heartbreak, drinking her off my mind, and lost loves, but I don’t have to live that way.


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