A Sudden Wealth of Songs


A Sudden Wealth


Yesterday this songwriter just took the day off.  Slouched, watched the Giants win a game, and basically loafed.  Now a bad day.  Sometimes you just gotta do it.  Sometimes it is time for off time.

I took a walk up town to the coffee shop, Geyserville Mud, and had some.  This week is what might be the tail end of the really nice days of Autumn.  The nights are getting cooler, and there is rain forecast for Sunday.  It will be a long time from now to the opening day of Baseball.  Cold, gray, and time to get caught up on projects that need being caught up on.

I discovered one of those projects while I was having coffee.  I had brought one of my notebooks with me to go through and see what I might have written.  What I found was songs.  I have two of these notebooks.  One I keep in a large zippered wallet that contains pens and pencils, a digital recorder, a corkscrew and a couple jump-drives.  The other is in my SUV.  I use them when I have time to kill and want to jot down thoughts and song-ideas that rattle around in my head.

So, while I was sitting at “The Mud” I discovered around six songs that I wrote this past year and have done nothing  with.  I know that there may be that many of more in the other notebook.  Also I am reminded that I have a digital recorder, in that wallet that I sing into as I am driving when a song comes to mind.  I also remember that there may be a few on the recorder in my Blackberry.

Finding forgotten songs is kool.  It’s like finding a Twenty or two in a pocket of my Levis, or in a drawer in my desk.  Sudden wealth.  And, they seem like they are good songs, too.  By that I mean that they are songs that I can do something with.  I get an atavistic feeling when I discover lost , or forgotten, songs–like the great hunter returning from the hunt with meat.  Ughh!  Ughhh!


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