A Songwriter’s Rawk and Rune


Royal Wulff--waiting to be fished


I thought I had finished my obligation as a songwriter to what is now a docu-drama group, when I turned in my songs, but it turns out that I wasn’t.  My first real meeting with the writer, coincided with the project’s reformation, and I was made one of the producers, and also the musical director.  Not only is this a joke to my thinking (I mean, like, me a producer?), but it also means that I will have to do a whole bunch more work.  Arwk!

There is a stream that is calling me this morning, and there is only less than two weeks left of season to fish it, so I suppose that those fish will have to wait until next year.  I have flies waiting to be fished, rods waiting to be flexed, and me waiting to put on my waders and fish–sigh, next year.

I’ll get in some steelhead fishing in the Russian River this winter, so I’ll at least get in some fishing, but damn, that high-desert stream calls and calls.  Besides, I like streams much better than rivers.  Last year I stopped in Bridgeport on the way home from LA, and fished Buckeye Creek.  Yowie Zowie!  I walked up to the stream just as a hatch began and I fished it until the hatch stopped.  I caught 12 trout in an hour and fifteen minutes.  I’ve been thinking of that stream all year, but now it’ll just have to wait.

However this producing gig is an answer to a lot of my hopes, prayers, and dreams.  This is the life I have been working towards–well maybe not producing.  I am way out of my league, here.  I know nothing of the industry.  I use wrong descriptors for stuff.  Yikes, but my learning curve is like technical rock climbing!  But, I ain’t no dummy, man.  I gots brights!  Maybe.

I have some work to do with a couple of the songs, and I will do it, but I see my number one priority is to record a demo with my band, 45-90.  I will need to teach them the material for the docu-drama project, but right now that gig can hold while we get some product to sell us with.

By the way, if it doesn’t rain we have an outside gig to play on Thursday, in Geyserville.  We’ve had three practices as a group, and it already feels better than some of the incarnations of 45-90 after three months.  We are all confident and ready to rock.


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