A Wild Day in the West for an Indie Songwriter


A Wild Day in the West


Yesterday was a wild day in the West.  Indie Music at the heart of itself.  I met most of the day with the writer that is working on what has become a TV series.  We first did the business of the project, which was to form an entity (the original people, for reasons I can’t even begin to explain, dropped out of the project) and a project synopsis for the WAGAW (Writers Guild of America, West), an organization I didn’t even know existed until yesterday.  I’m treading in deep water!

Next, it fell to me to figure out how to register URL for a website we are going to construct in the future.  We needed to lock down the name of the organization for future use.  To do this, I called my friend and Web Master, Peggy Snyder at pegrowe62@gmail.com.  (I need to say here that Peggy is a fantastic Web Master, and you should contact her for any or all of your needs.  She also repairs my computer from her computer in Oregon.  WOW!)

Then came the  fun part for Hilary-the-songwriter!  We went over the songs I had written for the project (20 in all), and began to match them up to episode ideas.  These are the songs I have spent two years writing and the last month recording and applying for copyright claims.   We worked out an idea for a trailer, and how the theme song would be used, and which songs I would need to produce first.

OK, this is getting really kool.  I don’t know about the other Indie songwriters out there, and I can only speak for myself, but I believe we are all Indie Music singer/songwriters, because no one in the mainline music industry really cares about us or our music.  This is mostly because we all tend to be people who do not play well with those who want to cram us into musical cookie-cutter molds.  So now I am getting a little recognition by the almost main-line film/TV industry.  I’ll take it.

There will be more on this process later, but for now, I cannot mention the name of either the project itself or the other people involved.  I think that if I did, some less that scrupulous loser would try to steal the idea and run with it, and I don’t want that too happen.  I still can’t touch bottom!


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