Honkin’ Up And Down the Highway


Out On The Road--A Sign


Last year and the year before I was going down to Los Angeles in a regular basis trying to shake something off the tree.  I was hoping to get some real interest in me as a performer, maybe sign something and become a star.  Yawn… Well that didn’t happen, but I did get some interest in my songwriting.  I was asked to write a couple of songs for an emerging young black singer with no range (what her agent said) to speak of who was targeting a teen market.  Well, that was a miss-match!

However, I was asked to write ten public service announcements.  These, however, were received really well–they actually liked them!  I haven’t heard any of them on the radio, but I am told that they are playing in Southern California, some parts of Colorado, and in Florida.  Well, that’s a start!

I’ll tell some of the stories from performing in the LA Scene at another time, but what did come out of my honkin’ up and down the highway, was the chance to write a soundtrack for a documentary movie that just might turn into something worthwhile.

This is the soundtrack I have been diligently working away on for over a year.  I met with the writer last week and we went over script and lyrics.  To make a gross understatement, I am excited.  This is a true beginning.  Even if it only receives a minor amount of inattention, it could be be something to get me to another level.

The point of this story is that sometimes even if nothing happens, I am working at something I love and can do well, and my work has been noticed beyond bars and clubs, and I am having feelings of vindication for all the miles on the highway…


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