Another Side to Songwriting


Tascam neo2400


I wrote this blog last month and forgot to post it.  I’ll do it now.

WOW! 100+ yesterday and the day before.  Not so hot in my studio, but my little evaporation cooler was trying its best, and not quite, keeping up.  The house is cool, and the studio is sorta cool, but the places between, in that 150′ walk, are blistering.  Cool is supposed to begin soon, and I hope soon is sooner.  Friday I have an out-in-the-sun gig, and Sunday afternoon I have an outside in-the-shade gig, but in Sacramento.  Hot, hot, hot!

Work for the film (which has morphed into an 8-episode docu-series) is progressing slowly.  This is another side to songwriting that I hadn’t anticipated.    It turns out that it is easier to record than to transfer the recordings from my recording device to the computer.  It is a seven-phase process and two phases are time consuming (I’m sure someone reading this will have a better way, and I may develop one later on, but for now, this is the way I have).  The first phase, of course, is the recording of the song, and that takes as long as it takes.  The second phase is to create a file on the computer to receive the information from the recording device.  The third phase is to move the file from the disk partition it is on to the FAT file, and that can take ten to 20 minutes, depending on how many tracks and how long the song is.  The fourth phase is to open the USB port on the recording device.  The fifth phase is to transfer the tracks to the computer, which takes two to five minutes.  The sixth phase is to save the file on the computer.  The seventh is to clean out the FAT file so it will be ready for the next transfer.  Last phase, which is the first phase, is  to create another file on the computer so the process can be done all over.

One by one I am getting them transferred.  I am going to try to deliver next week sometime.  Another stage in getting these songs to the producers is to take each song and write about my intent and purpose behind writing it and how I vision it as a finished  piece.  Once this is done, I will need to do some editions of the songs that will help them understand how I want the songs to sound.  That will be fun.  I will lay in tracks of piano and organ, mandolin and harmonica to illustrate how I will produce the CD and the soundtrack when the project gets that far.


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