Don’t Be All Blow And No Show!

To Roll Over and Give Up Is to Quit

Today’ I am thinking about success, failure, making and breaking commitments, and mental sloth.  Keep your promises!  I think that this is one of the most important components of success that there is.  If you say you will do or complete something, do it.  Don’t change your mind and your follow-through.  If you want to make it as a songwriter in the indie music business, or anywhere for that matter, just plain keep your word–to others and to yourself.

Let’s look at what happens if you don’t.  First of all, if you don’t follow through with your commitments, people will stop trusting you.  They begin  to see you as a “flake” and stop offering you the chances to do the things you most want to do.  Second, and most important, is that you lose confidence in you.

There are many folks out there who continually make promises to others and themselves that they habitually don’t seem capable of, or interested in, fulfilling.  This sets up a loser-dynamic that is self-defeating.  Do you have a long string of projects that are partly started and never finished?  Do you have a track record of projects that you started, but didn’t give enough time to succeed, and then used that too-short-of-a-time-frame to justify quitting?

Being all blow and no-show is a disease that is deadly.  Once you establish it as a pattern you have just sunk your ship, and the only way to re-float your boat is to take one project–your best one, you  know, the one that scares you the most–and doggedly stick to it until you can call it a success.

Remember, rejection is not failure, quitting is failure!

Indie Music people fall into two categories by my lights:  either they are successful or they are failures.  They don’t have to be on the chart to be a success, but they need to be committed to their success.  As far as I am concerned desiring success without commitment to doing what it takes is failure.  It may well be that you may never truly become the success you desire to be, but you don’t ever need to be a failure!  The only way you can fail is to quit!


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