Seasons, Songwriting and Changes


The Black Oaks are Beginning to Turn


Fall came to Geyserville today.  It was chilly and overcast this morning.  Brrrrr!  My back is out and I am miserable, and not working very hard at the things I should work at.  I have a rib that has torn from the tendon–yikes!  The Doc says that there is not much that can be done, so I live with the ouch.  It’s a little better today.

I have been writing some new songs for the soundtrack.  I don’t need as many of them as I have, because I already have too many for what I need.  There are, however, two or three more interviews I’d like to do and write about, just for the story content.  I think it is always good to create more than I need so I can choose down to what I actually need, rather than scrambling around for a few more.

I am working on some other song ideas as well, because  I am trying to get a large batch of material together so when I copyright what I need for the soundtrack, I can get a large amount of songs copyrighted for the same price.  Even though I know that the copyright system is set up to do this, it makes me feel as if I am beating the system when I run more than one through at a time.  This batch will be over forty.  Somehow I get an atavistic sense of being the wily hunter with a huge load of fresh meat into the cave.  Don’t ask me why…

I have also been learning ways to include more chords into my progressions.  This is going slowly, but it is going.    Songwriting, for me, is a crazy endeavour.  I get asked to write a song on a particular topic, and at the time I have no idea for how I will do it.  Then, an hour, week, month later bingo! there it is, full-blown and ready for recording.  Sometimes a song will hang around for years before it works.  It’s just the creative process.

This Autumn, though, I am feeling more relaxed about my songwriting than ever.  I am confident in my work, and that is a good feeling.  I am tempted to write some Autumn songs.  The black oaks are beginning to turn.   Orange-y, leaf-y, wet songs about changes and the inexorable movement to Winter.  On the edge of the end of the year.  Getting for something new!


2 thoughts on “Seasons, Songwriting and Changes

  1. Was it ee cummings that said “April is the cruelest month?” I think it’s October. The changes that leave us in awe are just reminders that winter is coming, and we won’t see much of the sun again for a while.

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