I Thought Songwriting was Supposed to be About Writing!

Working up the Arrangements

Last year, 2009 I wrote over forty songs.  In 2008 I wrote over thirty-five.  In 2007 I wrote over sixty.  This year, 2010, I’ve written a measly four.  That’s right, four.  Yikes!!!  So what the heck am I doing instead?

It turns out that songwriting, if you are a Do-It-Yourself indie music type, is a lot more than writing the song.  It’s the whole caboodle.  Then if you happen to have a band, personnel acquisition and management, arrangement of material, band practices and performances are added to the list, with promotions get thrown in for good luck.  Time, time, time.  Also, along the kine of performances is the idea om squeezing the money that was promised out of the promoter/producer.  That can be harder than all of the above put together.  For an academic exercise sometime, try having an intelligent and logical conversation with a promoter who is both drunk, cheap, and greedy, and under promoted an event, about paying you an equitable amount for your participation in making that event in question a success.

However, right now I am arranging and recording songs I wrote last year and earlier, so I can get them copyrighted and to a producer who would have liked them last month.  Part of that process is finishing some that I had sketched out, but had not completed.  Some of those I had done simple recordings of but didn’t bother to learn.  Some of these latter I had even forgotten I had written, and now they need to be really learned.  It’s all part of songwriting.

Also this year I have put more time into submitting material for consideration by music industry people.  Research done into what is needed and by whom.  Letters of introduction of me and my work, WAV files converted into small MP3 files, and the information collected into an Electronic Press Kit (EPKs) and sent out.  Also, because I have a manager, I have to put time into thinking about who, what, and why I am so she can have good tools with which to market me.

All this is part of the writing process, even though it isn’t making any new songs appear.  It just makes it possible to write more songs in the future.  I suspect that there will be many more complications before I get another full year of just songwriting.


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