Band Practice

One of my babies

This blog reaches people who are not musicians, but know me, or are interested in the music I put out.  Yesterday was a practice day.  We are learning the music and the arrangements.  We are also learning about ourselves as a band.

45-90, or more correctly, Hilary Marckx & 45-90 has undergone several permutations.   Life in the indie world. Band personnel has been an ongoing issue.  The search has been to find compatibility and musicianship in the members.  We are still looking for a drummer, but we , as a trio, seem happy with each other.  Time will tell if we stay a trio.  A drummer will be great, but must fits the ethos of this band.  Things are getting exciting!

Right now, however we are liking ourselves as a trio, and thinking that the drummer can wait.  I have John McLean playing some of the finest Rockabilly/Honky Tonk lead guitar that I’ve heard, and Rob Fisher is laying out the bass rhythms as they should be played.  I’m happy.  They’re happy.

Tomorrow I go to Lincoln, CA, and a high school reunion.  Then on Sunday I play as a single at a Sacramento, CA hot spot, Swabbies On the River. where I open for som really hot bands.  My next entry will be on Monday.  See ya round.


One thought on “Band Practice

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