The Re-Writing Process

I am working on re-writes.  I’ve been going through my files and finding unfinished songs and working them up into finished pieces.  I find it kind of fun to discover these old ideas that were actually really good ideas, but that I either didn’t have enough time or interest to complete.

The joy of re-writing is that a very good, but very old idea, gets new inspiration and new energy.  Some of the re-writes are simply a matter of changing a word or two that has hung me up for awhile.  Others are  lyric-verses that never got a melody.  But there are quite a few that consist of only a verse, or a verse and chorus of lyrics, with no completion.  These last are challenging, but satisfying, because they can be expanded and completed with a whole new ear.

My goal is to finish enough this week to have over 40 songs to send in for copyright.  If I can do that, I will have around 175 songs registered with BMI.  Very Exciting!

I will try to work on the song material in the mornings this week, so I can spend my afternoons practicing for two gigs I have coming up this weekend.  I don’t have much time for any of this, because I have other obligations as well.  The most important of which is to go to Sacramento on Thursday for band practice.

On the subject of bands, I would like to go on record and state that this configuration I have right now is as good as I’ve ever had!  We all respect each other, which is a rare and good thing.  I have said that when the musicianship level of the band is such that I am its weakest link, then I know that I’ve got some players I can go someplace with.


4 thoughts on “Re-Writes

  1. OK. That does it. I am emptying my rocking chair and going through all of those pages that keep fluttering down to floor-level. I can up-level them!

    I agree: the good ideas disappear into a kind of void, and that by ressurecting them, those ideas will grow even better.

    Thanks (on several billion levels).

  2. Yes, Hilary:

    I, too, have countless lines and paragraphs spanning a few decades. It is an ongoing task to gleen these sheets from their respective notebooks and group them in a rag-tag diary of “unfinished business”.

    Unfortunately, whenever I peruse these items, I can never fully remember why they were written in the first place. They usually find their way back to the drawer, unchanged and, perhaps finished, in some peculiar and disjointed way.

    On the subject of bands, it is a fine thing indeed that you have discovered a group of fellows who will serve, at the very least, as an incentive to challenge yourself and to steel your resolve. You are likely to find yourself capable of things that you otherwise never would have known that you could do!

    Best of luck to you!

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