Hitting Monday at a Dead Run!!!

Monday and Running

Monday, for me, is a day that bodes promise not another gloomy, drawn-out week.  No,”oh God, it’s Monday,” for me.  No Wednesday as “humpday.” and certainly no, “TGIF,” at all.  I love my work and I love my life.  I struggle and lose; I struggle and win.  It turns out that it is the journey that is most important, and I do like this journey that I am on.

At one time it was a student’s journey.  Then it was a photographer’s journey.  It morphed into the journey of a theologian and minister.  Now it has become the journey of a songwriter. It turns out, however, that those journeys are all one, of a piece, the same journey: the journey of my life.

I once told a friend that my successes were built upon my failures, and he got really upset.  He considered that to be a negative statement.  Now, while I don’t try to fail, failure does not devastate me.  To embrace a failure is, for me, to embark upon success.

All this said, I have a huge bunch of work to get done this week, and I am my own staff.  Some of what I have to do is drudgery, and some is exciting, and that is all about perspective.  I once thought that recording my songs was the scariest, most exciting thing I did.  Now I think of recording as tedious, exacting, repetitive, and time consuming.

It all boils down to what it takes to get whatever I am doing right.  Being willing to record over and over and over and over and over and…  Well, you get it.  Monday is a chance to set the week off right, to get started on what needs to be done.  One more chance to hit the mark.  Off and running, and heading for Sunday and a gig at Swabbies on the River in Sacramento, CA at a hundred and ten.


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