Songwriting 101 — Today a D-

Fly Box

If you are following this blog, you have probably guessed that it is not so much about songwriting, as it is about a songwriter–that would be me.  What goes on here is usually about where my head is at any given moment.  So, I apologize for any distress that may cause my readers, should I have any.

Me! Me! Me! that’s what this blog is about, and any reader who wishes may read, but do so at your own risk.  Today I am extremely bored!  Bored!  I have enough work to do to keep three or four songwriters busy, but it is all drudge work, and I’m bored.

These are the days, when my mind turns to fly fishing, mountains, and streams.  I think about fly patterns I need to tie.  I think that maybe I should clean some line, order some extra tippet, I’m thinking about fish.  I did fish a couple of weeks ago, and I may next week, but today I have too much work to do to go fishing.  I know I cannot get to the mountains this year, but I do have some home water that needs my attention.

Last year I used some hopper patterns with a 5wt and 5x tippet adn caught some really nice small mouth and some good-sized suckers.  I loved the fight and I’d like the experience again, and again, and again…  Next week or the next and I’ll be there and do it.

Actually, I have so much work to do I think I will walk down to check the mail, and then go get a coffee and a latte.  I’ll transfer songs from my recording device to my computer later on–or not.  This will be my last post until Monday.  I need some time off.


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