Selling My Songs Onstage

More Than a Performance, A Sales Tool

I’m off to Sacramento, CA this morning to do some band stuff. 45-90 (my band) has struggled with finding the right musicians, and it seems as if I am finally working through it all.

I think the best way for an indie songwriter to get their songs out there to be heard is to perform them. This means more than just well written songs. It means well arranged and well performed songs.  It’s called, “Selling my songs onstage.”  It can also be thought of as building a fan-base.  However one might think of songwriting, the songs need to be marketed, and in a market that is definitely an indie market, it is up to the songwriter to let people hear their songs in the most inspiring setting.  In the indie world there is not label to do it.

I play a lot as a single act, and while I can rile an audience up on my own, playing with a band is a lot more fun, and also helps sell the songs better. That is if there isn’t a big blowhard that has all the answers, in the band. Or, a member who never remembers how the chord progressions go. Or, someone who thinks they are a superior band leader to the actual band leader.

I’m going to try a configuration that has a Rhythm Guitar, a Lead Guitar, and a Bass. No drum. I’ll know how this will fly by tonight.

I’m outta here!


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