Not In the Pocket with an attitude

Me 'n' Johnny

I went for a walk last night with my daughter, Shannon.  It was dusk and peaceful.  As we walked along a barn own swooped by us and on up into the top of a redwood tree.  Nifty sight!  I like seeing the parts of nature revealed.  In a very real way songwriting is at its best when it is revealing something about the nature of things.

Musicians talk about “being in the pocket,” in other words, being in a deep groove, in an unbreakable rhythm–like gyroscopically on it.  The “pocket” is not a bad place to be, though sometimes it is a hard place to get to.  It’s where I was last night, but not today.  Performing, songwriting, dancing, loving, existing:  all these are activities where being in the pocket is strongly desirable, but not easily attainable.

Today I am not in the pocket.  I am not even close to a pocket.  I don’t even have a pocket!  Today my groove is gone, my rhythm is lost, and my gyroscopic has quit.  I think I’m developing a cold–ack!

No writing for me today.  So I have been moving files around on my computer.  I don’t want to waste time, but I have no creativity.

I have a photo of Johnny Cash flipping off the photographer–that’s how I feel.  “F” off world, I feel yucky!  Ah, the life of a songwriter.  I need to begin mixing down tracks to make some MP3s to send in for copyright, and to register at BMI.  I’ll get some of that done, but I’ll also cut myself a little slack because I am somewhat off today.


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