This Old Rockabilly Does Churchabilly

Geyserville Christian Church: Where I Hang Out on Sundays

Today is a church day.  That’s what I said, a church day.  When I am not writing, or out playing Rockabilly and Honky Tonk I am pastor of a small-town church.  Not a bad balance, by the way.  Honks and bars and clubs during the week, with a little dose of Gospel on Sunday morning.  I’ve told my manager that I’ll perform anywhere, anytime, but “get me to the church on time!”  So far it’s working.

Hey, I like my life!  It isn’t a Honky Tonk church or a Rockabilly church, just a regular old Sunday Morning church with regular old Sunday Morning People.  Well it is a little old liberal church.  Like, where else could a Rockabilly like me be pastor for almost seventeen years?  Well, I do write some Rockabilly/Honky-Tonk/Gospel songs that I term Churchabilly, and my folks love the stuff.

Actually, there has been some talk by my LA connections about taking my service and putting it on TV, but so far I have deflected the idea.  It doesn’t go away, though, and I have the sneaky feeling that someday…  I have told them that I would not do it in a HeeHaw format or style!  Arrrrrggghhhh!

I got quite a bit of recording accomplished today.  Four songs completed and that leaves five to go, and I’ll be finished with the recording part of the project.  I’ll still have two or three more interviews to do, and the songs to write based on them, but the major part of the writing is complete.

Next, will be re-recording the songs with appropriate arrangements and instruments.  I need to do that in order to have sketches for the musicians to hear so we can go into the studio and create the final recordings.  And as this blog seems to be turning into a log of my songwriting/performing life, I will be keeping whoever is reading this posted.


One thought on “This Old Rockabilly Does Churchabilly

  1. Actually, after visiting a website devoted to allowing CONSERVATIVE (only) pastors to upload and spread their message via video & recording, I wondered, why in the world there wasn’t the same for liberal pastors. That though reminded me that it was suggested long ago for you to preach via cam. Seemed like a pipe dream back then, now it’s a realistic idea for sure. Do-ABLE! See-ABLE! Hear-ABLE!! hehehehe… of course, ya, we at a distance have our own agenda!! 🙂

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