Songwriter Quits–Almost

Iris-the Relaxer

Well I did for the day–quit that is.  JJ Cale said it best:  “There’s a change in the weather, there’s a change in me.”  With me the change in the weather has to do with sinuses, throat-stuff and short temper.  Yesterday morning I tried to record, and I sounded as if I was under water.  Nose refused to work, throat started to gargle, I ended up recording the same segments over and over because I couldn’t seem to get words to come out of my mouth, and I knew when enough was enough.

I walked down town and got some coffee at Geyserville Mud, the local coffee joint and one of the town gathering places.  You need to understand that the downtown area of this town is on a strip of HWY128 about two blocks long.  Because I am a dreamer, I stopped at the Post Office to check to see if any money was waiting for me–no.  I got my coffee, talked awhile and ambled back home.  I read a book for awhile and then went to sleep with my cat curled up in my armpit.

My cat’s name is Iris, and she helps me to relax.  I find having a cat curled up in my armpit, purring, works on me like a mallet to the side of my head.  Iris-the-relaxer knows her job well, and she works very hard at what she does best–snoozing.  I mean, how could I resist?  I laid down, tried to read, she hoped up, assumed her position, and WHAM, I was unconscious!  Not a bad deal, all in all.

This morning my sinuses are no better, but I am rested and relaxed.


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