Songwriter Whipped by a Recording Device!

My Special Chair

What a headline!  Yet it is true, so far this songwriter is beaten, trashed, whipped by my darned, digital recording device.  I’m trying to figure out how to do the auto punch option on the Tascam 2488neo, and like the bounce instructions, important parts have been left out of the manual.  Unlike the bounce instructions, I so far haven’t been able to figure out the procedure and get the machine to do what I need it to do.  Dang!!!!

So, it’s a matter of re-recording bad tracks, or assigning a new track and only singing on it where I need to replace the words.  Tedious, but let me tell you, not as tedious and getting worked over by a stupid machine!  I am down but not out, though.  One can only fail if one quits!  I shall overcome even if I have to ask an expert for assistance.  Indeed, I can still out think a machine.

On a brighter note, recording is actually going quite well.  I am moving through the songs–I have eighteen to record–with dispatch, and hope to be finished by Saturday at the latest.  More on my travail later, but now I think I’ll just take a break and sit in my special chair for awhile–it was a gift from my neighbor, Jim Romain.


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