Early Morning

Gibson Skylark - 1960

It’s early morning, and the sun is just up on this mid-September day.  Blackbirds are calling from the rushes and live oak that surround our house.  Jays are strafing the quail they think are stealing their food.  The summer-pattern fog is clearing.  Family has just begun to move, and I am thinking about my day–people to contact, songs to record, need to get one of my guitar amps in to be fixed, and need to go to a dinner/meeting tonight.  Full day!

But a good day so far.  Today is my son, Joel’s, birthday, and I have wished him well.  He learned guitar when he was seven, was writing songs by the time the year was out, went on to learn bass, and now is teaching and working on a Master’s Degree.  I’m not proud–much.  So, Happy Birthday, Joel!

The sun is coming through my window and striking my neck, it does feel good.  It gives me a feeling that today may well be achievable.  It gives me the feeling that this songwriter may well be in a groove that is a good groove.  You know, sometimes we get into grooves that, well, just stink.  I only claim today, but today I claim as a very good day!  Early morning’s, are for me, symbolic of possibilities.


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